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Gentleman's Guide: Wedding Waistcoats

Gentleman's Guide: Wedding Waistcoats
Whether you're the groom, groomsmen or a guest a waistcoat is always a good addition to any dress suit. The morning suit traditionally includes a black or dark navy morning coat, a light waistcoat and grey trousers and is worn with a silk tie or cravat.
But weddings can be stiff and overly formal, not properly representing the couple or guests' personality. Hence the inspiration for the JAYJEE collection of double breasted waistcoats, to give that little bit of fun and razzmatazz!

Presenting a unique design for the double breasted waistcoat with a subtly colourful pure silk ikat lining. You won’t find these waistcoats anywhere else, we know because it’s extremely hard to source silk ikat and you need expert tailors to carefully work with it.

Our new designs are matched with top quality, lightweight merino wool sourced from Italy to give that sharp look but which, importantly, is still super breathable so it doesn’t get too hot underneath your tailcoat!

Sophisticated for the service, fun and funky for the party!