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The JAYJEE story

If you go anywhere in India, you can’t help notice the amazingly vibrant colours of their clothes and fabrics. Come to England and it’s the style and tailoring…so why not combine the two. This is the question that designer, Jaysree Pawar, asked herself when she moved to London in 2015 and is what became the inspiration for JAYJEE. 

Putting to use her experience from several years of working in the Mumbai fashion and textile industry, including the authentic Indian fashion house, Fabindia, and freelancing for Italian and British independent brands, the JAYJEE signature is the use of colourful ikat cotton fabric with innovative product designs. Embodied by the flagship reversible ikat wool nehru gilet collections that the brand is well known for.

Staying strong to quality, using only expert London tailors and the finest fabric sourced from around the UK and Europe, the brand has expanded with several menswear products for the stylish, fun and individual English gentleman.

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