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The JAYJEE story

If you've ever been to India, you know that it is a place of colour. Whether it's the sunsets, the fabrics and textiles, or even the spices, colour is dyed into every thread of culture and lifestyle. If you've ever been to England, you know we don't quite have the sunsets, but we do have world class tailoring. 
When Jaysree Pawar arrived in London (from Mumbai) in 2016, that is the opportunity she saw. Having spent several years working for the authentic Indian fashion house, Fabindia, and freelancing for Italian and British independent brands, Jaysree decided to put that experience to practice. 
JAYJEE is a marriage between two cultural qualities - Indian colour/design and English tailoring. The ikat cotton fabric is at the heart of the design, while using only expert London tailors and the finest fabric sourced from around the UK and Europe, every piece is of the highest quality. 
Whether it's weddings, dinner parties, festivals or just dressing to impress, JAYJEE allows you to express yourself audaciously, loudly but with colourful style.

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